Sean was born and raised in the outskirts of Philadelphia, the eldest son of a Cop and a Nurse. When he graduated from Penn State's film program, Sean quickly packed for Los Angeles to pursue his dream of making movies. Little did Sean know, he would soon return to his hometown to shoot his first feature film.  At 26, Sean wrote, directed, and produced Cost of a Soul. The production was fueled by passion, dreams, and a shoestring budget. It was shot in a miraculous 17 days in some of the most turbulent neighborhoods in Philadelphia.  


Cost of a Soul went on to garner awards along the film festival circuit, and ultimately won the Big Break Movie Competition hosted by Relativity Media and AMC theaters.  The award earned the film a nationwide theatrical distribution and HBO.  


Sean has embarked on a transformational journey as a writer, director, an artist and a father.  With his coming wave of new film and television projects, Sean intends to leave a meaningful footprint on both Film and Television, as well as our evolving society.